IQX Partnership Program

IQX Trade offers a partnership program to individuals and organizations interested in earning commission by referring clients to IQX Trade.
The partnership program consists of five levels.

Why become an IQX Trade partner?

Partnership with a trusted broker: IQX Trade is a well-established and reputable broker with a strong track record of providing excellent service to its clients. As an IQX Trade partner, you can be confident that you are promoting a reliable and trustworthy platform.

Benifits of IQX Trade partner?

IQX Trade is a global Online Trading CFD broker for multiple assets that offer a range of trading services to clients around the world, including online trading for oil, gold, stocks and cryptocurrencies. As an IQX Trade partner, you as a partner may be able to earn attractive commissions and other incentives for referring clients to the platform.


Introducing Broker Program

You Get Upto 75% Of Spread

Earn upto 75% of spread from every active trader you refer to us. If they’re trading, you’re earning.


Welcome Partnership Promotion

Get $500 Reward for First 10 New Clients

For new IB, you will get $500 when refer 10 new clients who deposit from $500 and trade from 2 lots each one.

What We Offer

IQX Trade offers its partners competitive commissions for referring new clients to the platform. The exact commission structure may vary depending on the partner program you join and the amount of business you generate, but in general, IQX Trade offers some of the most attractive commission rates in the industry.

Instant Commission Payout

Transparent Report

Partnership Loyalty Reward

Attractive commissions

Partnership program with forex market leader IQX Trade.

Get up to 75% of spread. You will receive a portion of IQX Trade revenue from the trading activity of every active client you refer to us. This can go as high as 75% on every trade they make.

Detailed, Real-Time Statistics

Manage Your Buisiness On The Go

Instant Withdrawal

Trusted Globally

Promotional Tools & Materials

Regular Payment Of Your Profits

Opportunity with IQX Trade

Becoming an IQX Trade partner can be a great opportunity to earn passive income by referring clients to a reputable broker that provides high-quality trading services.
Earn commission: As an IQX Trade partner, you can earn commission by referring clients to IQX Trade. You will receive a commission for each trade made by your referred clients, and the commission amount will depend on the type of partnership program you choose.
Wide range of partnership programs: IQX Trade offers a wide range of partnership programs to suit different needs, including CPA (cost per acquisition), revenue share, and hybrid models. This allows you to choose the program that best fits your goals and preferences.
Transparent reporting: IQX Trade provides transparent reporting on your referrals’ trading activity and your earnings. You can track your earnings and monitor your referred clients’ trading activity through the IQX Trade Partner Personal Area.

Why clients will love IQX Trade

Trusted market leader – IQX Trade is a regulation broker
Highest forex leverage in the market

Instant deposits and

24/7 client support in 15 languages
Tight Spread and Zero Commission
New Help Center for newbies and experienced traders

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