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FBI Apprehends Key Figure in Impeachment Proceedings Involving Texas Attorney General Paxton

According to records from the Travis County jail in Austin, FBI agents apprehended Nate Paul, a prominent real estate developer central to the allegations that triggered the impeachment process against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paul’s arrest on undisclosed federal charges took place on Thursday, with further details yet to be disclosed.

Inquiries made to the FBI were met with no comment, while the Department of Justice has not responded to requests for comment at this time. It remains unknown whether Paul has legal representation, as calls and an email made to his business, World Class Holdings, have gone unanswered.

Paxton, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, gained notoriety for his unsuccessful lawsuit challenging the results of the 2020 election, which was dismissed by the Supreme Court. On May 27, Paxton was impeached and temporarily suspended from his office pending trial in the Senate.

The articles of impeachment filed against Paxton allege various misconducts, including the involvement of employees from the attorney general’s office in a lawsuit connected to Paul. Additionally, Paxton stands accused of providing Paul with confidential documents pertaining to an ongoing FBI investigation against him and extending multiple legal favors to Paul in exchange for the renovation of Paxton’s personal residence.

Paxton, aged 60, vehemently denies all allegations of wrongdoing. In addition to his impeachment, he is also the subject of a separate corruption investigation led by the Justice Department, as confirmed by special prosecutors handling his state case in Texas.

The Texas Senate will hold a trial to deliberate on the 20 articles of impeachment brought against Paxton on or before August 28. A two-thirds majority vote among the 31 senators will determine Paxton’s fate, either leading to his removal from office or his reinstatement. Notably, Paxton’s wife, Angela, serves as a senator and chairs the Republican caucus in the chamber. Her decision regarding potential recusal from the trial has yet to be announced.

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